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5 Things We Learned From The Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer

5 Things We Learned From The Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer

The Doctor is in… but for how long?

An explosive new Doctor Who trailer has appeared online, teasing the upcoming Series 10. But while it doesn’t exactly reveal much new footage, it has blown the lid on something we weren’t expecting for some time – The Twelfth Doctor’s regeneration.

But there’s not all.

There’s a handful of new clips including Bill and Nardole running head first into danger, along with a weirdly-mesmerising shot of Missy throwing her hands up in the air. Wait a minute… is she… dabbing?

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The 44 second teaser really isn’t long… and it’s just a glimpse of what’s to come.

But here’s what we learned:

The Doctor is regenerating

The Doctor is regenerating - Credit: BBC

It’s no secret that Peter Capaldi is retiring from Doctor Who… but we weren’t expecting a new Doctor to appear until the Christmas Special. Now, it looks as though Twelve is on his way out, as a brief shot at the end of the trailer reveals The Doctor starting to regenerate.

But is he really leaving so soon?

Many fans are speculating that it could be a ‘false’ regeneration similar to the 2008 episode, The Stole Earth, where David Tenant’s Doctor managed to avoid regenerating. But would it really work if they followed that up with a  real regeneration so soon afterwards? I think it’s far more likely that we’ll see Series 10 end on a cliff hanger… with the new Doctor revealed during the Christmas Special, as expected.

Missy is back… and she’s down with the kids

Yeah, Missy dabs now - Credit: BBC

That’s right – Missy is back, with Michelle Gomez returning to the role. It looks as though we can expect some of her usual hijinks, too… After all, there’s an ‘amusing’ shot of the Doctor Who villainess dabbing. Whatever that is. But it’s not all fun and games, as she’s also spotted sporting a rather more serious look.

Will she finally get one over on The Doctor?

Could she be the reason he’s regenerating?

Their game of cat and mouse has continued like this since long before she was Missy… and I can’t help thinking that The Master is going to be instrumental in the Twelfth Doctor’s exit.

Has Missy got a TARDIS now?

Does Missy have a TARDIS - Credit: BBC

It looks as though Missy might have her very own TARDIS.

A few new shots of The Doctor’s nemesis appear throughout the trailer, but the most interesting one depicts Missy standing behind what looks like a cylindrical glass column. What’s that got to do with The TARDIS? Well, it looks a lot like the time rotor which is found at the TARDIS’s centre.

Of course there are several explanations…

It could be The Doctor’s TARDIS and Missy has (for some reason) been forced to tag along with The Doctor, Nardole and Bill. Then, there’s my own personal favourite theory, that she has her own TARDIS this time around. Or… it might not even be a TARDIS at all. Still, it’s fun to speculate, and it definitely looks like a TARDIS to me.

The Doctor encounters some weird new monsters

Eurgh - Credit: BBC

It wouldn’t be Doctor Who without the monsters… and it looks as though The Doctor will be going up against some truly weird creatures this time. I mean, come on – what the hell is that massive beetle-like thing climbing through a wall.

Is that even a wall?

Who knows… but it looks bloody creepy.

And it’s not the only monster, either.

There’s also the weird, watery being who forms from water on the ground. Again, there’s some speculation that it’s a character named Heather – rumoured to be Bill’s girlfriend. She has already appeared in a previous trailer, but she looks a bit different if you ask me. Then again, you’d probably look different, too if you were being formed out of water droplets.

So who knows, really.

Another crack in space-time?

A crack in space-time? - Credit: BBC

Now, this looks a bit familiar.

Here, The Doctor has encountered a massive glowing crack in a wall – something Doctor Who fans will already be cueing up theories about. Yes, it’s just a crack in a wall… but The Doctor has a history with these sorts of anomalies – namely when Amy Pond encountered the Time Field, which manifested as cracks in space-time.

Will this be connected?

Well… probably not. Still, it’s a neat call back to the previous Doctors, and I wonder whether Twelve will reference it directly. Just don’t get your hopes up that we’ll see Amy Pond again.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on 15 March 2017.

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What did you think of the new Doctor Who trailer? Did you spot anything we missed? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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