Anne Hathaway’s Barbie Pushed Back To 2020

Anne Hathaway's Barbie movie gets pushed back (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Anne Hathaway’s Barbie has been put back on the shelf…

At least, until 2020.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming Barbie movie (yes, really) has seen its release date pushed back two whole years.

“Sony is moving its Anne Hathaway-starring, long-in-the-works Barbie project to 2020,” they confirmed. “The fish-out-of-water tale, directed by Australian director Alethea Jones, will now premiere on May 8, 2020, kicking off the summer that year, after moving from its original launch date of Aug. 8, 2018, the studio announced Tuesday.”

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And this is apparently going to be no ordinary ‘Barbie’ movie.

Apparently, the film is being produced with an emphasis on feminism and identity, putting a more contemporary spin on the classic children’s toy.

In fact, the film is said to focus on a doll living in ‘Barbieland’ who has been expelled for not being perfect enough (*vomit*) … and is thrust into a new adventure in the real world. Yes, it sounds like an absolute load of arse gravy. But it might just be the modernisation that Barbie needs to make it in the 21st century.

At the very least, it can’t be worse than all those made-for-TV Barbie movies.

“The script, now to receive more work, portrays a woman that slowly awakens to the fact that she doesn’t fit into the perfect land of Barbies and journeys to the real world, where she discovers that being unique is an asset.”

Interestingly, the script is still being worked on… and with a list of six screenwriters so far, that’s a little worrying. Still, it’s not exactly a film that’s aimed at me. But it could make a big difference to young girls everywhere if their ‘perfect’ role model gets a bit more real.

And that could be kinda cool.

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Barbie will star Anne Hathaway.

Alethea Jones is directing the movie, based on a script by Lindsey Beer, Jenny Bicks, Kim Caramele, Diablo Cody, Bert V. Royal, and Hilary Winston.

Barbie heads to cinemas on 8 May 2020.

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