Aquaman Adds Action Legend Dolph Lundgren

It’s official – Dolph Lundgren is in Aquaman.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 59-year-old action legend has joined Jason Momoa in the upcoming Aquaman solo movie.

“Dolph Lundgren is making his return to studio movies by diving deep into the world of comic book films,” they revealed. “The veteran action star, whose credits range from Rocky IV to the recent Expendables movies, has joined Aquaman, Warner Bros.’ big-screen take on DC Comics’ underwater-breathing superhero.”

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Of course, Dolph Lundgren is famous for a slew of ‘80s action flicks including Rocky IV, Masters of the Universe and even a brief stint as The Punisher. He went on to star in the cult hit, Universal Soldier as well as numerous other action movies throughout his career.

But who will he be playing in Aquaman?

“Lundgren will play King Nereus of the aquatic kingdom of Xebel,” they reveal, “who claims Mera as his own and wants to kill Aquaman.”

Aquaman's King Nereus - Credit: DC Entetainment

It’s a surprising choice. Although King Nereus does appear in the comic books, he’s not exactly a well-known villain… and was only introduced into the Aquaman comic books back in 2013. He’s the lead of the Xebels – a group of exiled Atlanteans which Mera used to be a part of… and eventually teams up with Aquaman’s brother, Orm.

And I can’t help thinking we could see similar connections in the movie.

But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Aquaman stars Jason Momoa as the Atlantean king alongside Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson Temuera Morrison, Willem Dafoe, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Dolph Lundgren.

James Wan will direct the film based on a script by Will Beall.

Aquaman heads to cinemas on 21 December 2018.

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What do you think of Dolph Lundgren’s casting? Will King Nereus make a suitable villain? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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