Arrow – This Is Your Sword (Review)

Evil Oliver has a wedding to take part in. Meanwhile, once again, Team Arrow has to try and carry on without him.

We see John losing it a bit. Having his best friend betray him and put his wife in danger, I kinda understand where he’s coming from on that one. Then again, Felicity isn’t helping as many fans are noting her week-to-week-whining. The flavour of the week here is she doesn’t like seeing Diggle beating up gangsters. Laurel and Diggle present a united front that Felicity is in denial.

Thea visits Roy. Considering that we know we aren’t getting Roy back, it’s nice for these two to have a proper goodbye. It’s one of the more heartwarming moments. Not mention the passing of the torch, with Thea receiving the Red Arrow outfit.

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I do wonder at Oliver’s decision to go full on infiltration mode simply to save Maseo. From what we see in flashbacks, it doesn’t quite explain why he would go this far. If anything it’s a bit odd as we’re still left unsure as to how Tatsu brought Oliver back in the first place.

Oliver trusts Malcolm Merlyn enough for the latter to be the only one in on the plan. This is the same Merlyn who had a hand in Sara’s murder and many others besides. Is it possible that perhaps Sara is working behind the scenes? Given the characters upcoming involvement in the spin-off show, it seems possible and would certainly explain Oliver’s willingness to trust someone like Malcolm.

And, Team Arrow has to work with Malcolm.

This is somewhat of a flaw in Oliver’s plan, as none of the group have any reason to trust him. The appearance of Tatsu changes nothing, as the characters have never met. Minus Barry Allen, pretty much the entire gang gets in on this. Even Ray Palmer gets in on the action, the CG’s a bit off but it’s part of a much needed action scene.

Do I need to mention that Felicity/Ray scenes are getting old. Same situation, something’s up. Ray offers to talk about it, Felicity edges away from the issue even though it’s clear what was on her mind. Plus, giving his company to Felicity? Oh dear. Also do I need to mention Felicity’s reaction to the wedding? From what I understand, she’s had her chance with Oliver many times over.

Tatsu and Maseo’s stiry reaches a conclusion here, with the two squaring off amidst Team Arrow and the League’s battle in a dazzlingly cool sword fight.

Ra’s is kind of a psychopath. In fact, before these episodes, his world-weary attitude was one of his better quirks. Here he delves into that murky kind of villainy that involves forcing two people into a marriage for literally no reason. Oliver is to take over the League, what becomes of Ra’s? Does he fade into nothing, or is he perhaps planning on going to sunnier climates for a well earned holiday? I feel like there could be more to this character, and we’re running out of time to see it.

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We leave Team Arrow apparently dying to prove Oliver’s loyalty. Arrow is not Game Of Thrones, killing off most of their main cast in one go isn’t in the show’s best interests. Previews aside, it’s pretty clear that Oliver has orchestrated the situation as part of his plan, and the team will be fine. Of course, will the marriage stick after the end of the season.

With crunch time fast approaching, will Oliver be able to finally defeat Ra’s al Ghul? Can Team Arrow ever trust him again? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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