Arrow Season 5: Deathstroke Will Return

Manu Bennet will return as Deathstroke for the upcoming Arrow Season 5 finale.

Arrow – My Name Is Oliver Queen

Oliver and Team Arrow find themselves racing against time to stop Ra’s al Ghul from destroying Starling City. But can they save the day?

Arrow – This Is Your Sword (Review)

On this week’s Arrow, evil Oliver has a wedding to take part in. Meanwhile, once again, Team Arrow has to try and carry on without him.

Arrow – Al Sah-Him (Review)

Oliver has agreed to become the new Ra’s al Ghul… and this week’s Arrow sees his transformation taking him to scary, new levels.

Arrow – The Fallen (Review)

This week’s Arrow just might be checkmate for Ra’s al Ghul…

Arrow – Broken Arrow (Review)

It looks as though this could be the end for team Arrow… but where do they go from here?

Arrow – Public Enemy (Review)

Oliver desperately tries to stop Ra’s al Ghul whilst running from the police in this week’s Arrow. But will he succeed?

Arrow – Suicidal Tendencies Review

It’s another look at the Suicide Squad on this week’s Arrow… and it’s a welcome return.

Doctor Who Companion Heads To Arrow Spin-Off

It looks as though ‘Doctor Who’ star Arthur Darvill has landed a role in the upcoming Arrow spin-off… as the time-travelling Rip Hunter.

Arrow – The Offer (Review)

With Ra’s al Ghul offering Oliver the position of head of The League of Assassins, it’s a difficult question on this week’s Arrow.