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Ryan Leston is the Founder and Editor of Screen Jolt. He's a big movie nerd from Cardiff who loves all things Star Wars. His favourite Star Wars film is The Empire Strikes Back and he still wants to be Han Solo when he grows up.

Oscars 2019: Academy Award Nominations Announced

The Oscars 2019 nominations are in… and there might be a few surprises.

Burt Reynolds Has Died Aged 82

Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds has died today following a heart attack at 82.

Cloverfield 3 Available Now On Netflix

The Cloverfield Paradox has arrived… but is it any good?

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Gets An Explosive New Trailer

Ethan Hunt is back in Mission: Impossible – Fallout… but this time, he’s on his own.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Finally Gets A Trailer

There’s a new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story… but is it any match for a good blaster?

Emily Blunt Joins Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise

Disney’s Jungle Cruise just added Emily Blunt to star opposite Dwayne Johnson.

Avengers / X-Men Crossover Still Years Away

Sorry Marvel fans – an Avengers / X-Men crossover won;t happen for a long while yet.

Jesus Returns In The Passion Of The Christ Sequel

Jesus is back! Jim Caviezel is in talks to return for The Passion of the Christ 2.

Mute Gets A Very Blade-Runner-Esque Trailer

It’s finally here – Mute just releases its first official trailer… and it’s bloody good.

The Purge Prequel Wants To Make America Great Again

Sorry President Trump – The Purge is taking aim, and you’re firmly in its sights.