Batcave Hotel Room Guarantees A Dark Knight

If you’ve ever wanted your very own Batcave, a holiday in this hotel suite in Taiwan might be the closest you’ll get to becoming the Batman…

This rather awesome Batman-themed suite can be found in the Eden Motel in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. And the beat part? At just 6600 dollars a night – that’s just £135 – you don’t have to be Bruce Wayne to stay here.

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The incredible Batman-themed room includes all the luxurious features you’d expect for a short crime-fighting stay. Decorated to look like the inside of the Batcave, it comes complete with its own mini-Batmobile, a TV in the shape of the bat-symbol and even the cityscape of Gotham City emblazoned on the bedroom wall.

And the coolest part? It even has its own spotlight – exactly like the Bat-Signal used by Commissioner Gordon to contact the Dark Knight himself.

Of course, while incredibly cool, it’s not to everyone’s tastes… and with a corrugated steel floor, you might want to remember to pack you Bat-slippers to avoid a cold night.

But for every Batman fan, this has to be the most awesome hotel room they’ve ever seen. And I can’t help wondering if there’s a red telephone hidden away somewhere. You know, for those extra-important telephone calls.

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The hotel boasts a number of other themed rooms including one based around Catwoman and even an Alcatraz room… you know, for those of you who are more the super villain type. But let’s face it – the Batman suite is the room you deserve.

Planning a trip to Taiwan anytime soon? Why not stay at the Eden Hotel and let us know how your crime-fighting capers went…

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What do you think of this rather cool batman hotel room? Would you spend the night here? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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