Daisy Ridley Confirms Tomb Raider Talks

‘Star Wars’ actress Daisy Ridley is in the mix for the ‘Tomb Raider’ reboot.

During an appearance at the Empire Awards, the 23-year-old British actress revealed that she has been contacted about playing Lara Croft in the upcoming ‘Tomb Raider’ movie.

“[There] have been conversations,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m waiting for someone to say ‘I want you, let’s do it’.”

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But apparently, there’s not even a script in place.

It sounds as though it’s early days for the upcoming ‘Tomb Raider’ movie. However, we already know that Daisy Ridley would be taking over the role of Lara Croft from Angelina Jolie.

And with a focus on Lara Croft’s younger years, it’s very different to the earlier films.

But what do her ‘Star Wars’ co-stars think about it?

“I played Tomb Raider the game,” said John Boyega. “It’s a new take and I think the movies are going to be based on that version,” he explained. “But I texted Daisy [and] was like, ‘this is you!’ and ‘you need to get on that because you could be Lara Croft.’ She should be.”

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Of course, the recent video game reboot in 2013 gave Lara Croft a whole new origin story… and it’s thought that this will be the basis for the new film franchise. Given that Daisy Ridley has already portrayed a tough, female survivor in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, it feels like a very nice fit.

And she happens to look a lot like the young Lara, too.

Will Daisy Ridley land the coveted role?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see. But she’d be absolutely perfect.

Do you think Daisy Ridley would make a great Tomb Raider? Who would you like to see as Lara Croft? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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