Justice League Movie Gets An Epic New Trailer

The new Justice League trailer is here, and we finally get a good look at our favourite DC heroes together. All except for Superman…

Confirmed: Ben Affleck Directing Solo Batman Movie

It’s finally official – Ben Affleck will direct and star in his own ‘Batman’ movie.

New Suicide Squad Trailer Debuts At MTV Awards

It’s good to be bad… at least, according to the latest ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer.

The Flash – Trajectory (Review)

The Flash is back… and this time, he’s faced with a female speedster zipping around Central City.

Another Superman Movie Could Be On The Way

It looks as though ‘Man of Steel’ is just the beginning…

Ben Affleck Has Written A Batman Script

It’s official – Ben Affleck has written his own ‘Batman’ script.

Batman V Superman Smashes Box Office

It’s official – ‘Batman V Superman’ has smashed box office records.

Batman V Superman (Review)

It’s one of the biggest superhero movies of all time… and for good reason. After all, it’s not every day… [Read More]

LEGO Batman Teaser Trailer Looks Awesome

‘LEGO Batman’ just got its first teaser trailer… and it’s glorious.

New Wonder Woman Image Introduces The Amazonians

A new look at the ‘Wonder Woman’ solo movie has emerged… and it’s rather awesome.