Deadpool Will Remain R-Rated At Disney

Don’t panic – Deadpool won’t be watching his mouth. And he might even get some new R-Rated pals to play with.

Disney and Fox Confirm Deal Which Includes X-Men and Avatar

The Disney / Fox deal could mean the X-Men and Avengers teaming up together… but it raises plenty more possibilities.

Hugh Jackman Really Won’t Be Back As Wolverine

Hugh Jackman confirms he’s done with Wolverine… And not even a Fox/Marvel deal would convince him otherwise. It’s no secret… [Read More]

TRON 3 Reportedly In The Works

It looks as though TRON 3 may make it to the big screen sooner than we thought… and could start filming later this year.

Tomorrowland Finally Gets A Full Trailer

Tomorrowland gets a full trailer that gives us a sneak peek at the world of tomorrow… but can Britt Robertson save the future?

Emma Watson To Star In Beauty And The Beast

Emma Watson will star as Belle in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast… but who will play the beast?

Pixar’s Inside Out Shows Parents Speaking Their Mind

A family dinner takes centre stage in this new clip from Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’… but as always, it’s more about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Monsters University: Pixar’s Most Underrated Movie

It’s a title no film wants, but many get — oh, to be part of the ‘underrated crowd’. In short,… [Read More]

Is Toy Story 4 Really Necessary?

With the huge announcement last week that Pixar will be crafting a fourth instalment in the superb ‘Toy Story’ franchise,… [Read More]

Parents Swarm Poundworld For Frozen Merchandise

There’s still over 5 weeks until Christmas, but that hasn’t stopped some eager parents from swamping Poundworld for their latest… [Read More]