Grimm Season 4 – Death Do Us Part (Review)

This week’s ‘Grimm’ sees the team investigate a ‘Haunted House’ with electrifying results…

Three local ghost seekers head to the abandoned house in Portland with a video camera. The young seekers are fascinated with the tragic story of Stetson and Patty Donovan and are looking to get some supernatural footage. Unfortunately, one of the trio runs into the resident ‘ghost’ and gets barbecued.

The team are sent in to investigate young Raymond’s crispy remains, and soon realise there is more to the story than ghosts. Wu takes the memory card from Raymond’s camera, to see if he can salvage any footage of his murderer. Meanwhile Nick and Hank take a closer look at the Donovans’ story.

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Already a homicide case, and both burned to a crisp like Raymond, they call in the original detective for some help. Mark Wilson reveals that the couple were electrocuted and their remains  were completely unidentifiable. He explains that Patty had been having an affair and the whole thing got out of hand. Apparently mad with rage, her lover, Theo, murdered the couple. The team suspect wesen, and head off to find Theo’s wife to ask some questions about the case.

Armed with Wu’s image salvaged from the memory card, they ask Lily if the creature is her husband Theo. When she realises Nick is a Grimm, the Scharfblicke confesses that the image is actually Stetson. She explains that she had told him about the affair, in an attempt to get her husband back, but a furious Stetson (a Mantanca Zumbido) headed to the house to kill the adulterous pair.

This prompts Lily to go to the house, where Stetson is waiting… but one of the young ghost seekers is also at the house and is determined to discover who killed their friend.

Thankfully, the team have found a way to nullify the wesen’s electrifying power, and are able to tackle Stetson before he fries another ghost seeker. However, Lily is clearly still bitter about Theo’s murder and takes the opportunity to shoot and kill him. But how will the team explain that one?

Back at Renard’s place, Juliette’s unexpected visit and surprise wogue is explained as she turns to him for help. She’s clearly not happy with the side effects of his mother’s spell, but is there anything he can do to return her to normal? After he witnesses her unwittingly blow a car engine up, I think he probably should try…

Thankfully, he pulls through and may just be able to offer her a glimmer of hope. They meet for lunch and he gives her Henrietta’s number. Renard claims the old family friend should be able to help Juliette with her problem. But will she ever get back to normal?

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Finally, Monroe and Rosalee are on their Honeymoon, and after a video call with Nick and Juliette, it looks like they’re having a wonderful time.

It’s great to see them looking so happy after such a hard time recently, but Monroe still bears the physical scars from his ordeal. Could the psychological scars take longer to heal? Let’s hope the break will be enough for the pair to move on, it’ll be great to see them back to normal, bringing their usual brand of comic relief to the show.

The episode ends with a rather shocking turn of events for Renard. Reaching for a stiff drink, he suddenly experiences chest pains. We then see blood seeping through his shirt. After ripping it off in front of the mirror, we see the blood pouring from his healed bullet wounds. But they haven’t reopened! What does this mean for the Captain? At this stage, we have no idea, but it isn’t looking good.

What do you think Grimmsters. Will Juliette be able to shake off her Hexen powers? What’s in store for the Captain? Let us know in the comments below…