Grimm Season 4 – Trial By Fire (Review)

In this weeks ‘Grimm’ Juliette and Adalind face-off Hexen style and an insurance job goes horribly wrong…

Two young store assistants, Mason and Joan, become the unintended victims of a staged arson attack when they stay after hours. Although, this is no regular arsonist. Stripped to his pants, he bursts into flames and ignites the store.

Nick, Hank and Wu are sent to investigate. After the arson guys point out the unusual way the fire spread, their suspicions are aroused. Suspecting a possible insurance job, the team dig a little deeper.

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Wu suggests someone who may be able to help investigate the unusual arson attack…the only problem is it’s Lt. Orson from season one. After Nick put the Bauerschwein away, for murdering three Blutbaden (a twist on the ‘Three Little Pigs‘ tale), it seems unlikely the two can work together on the case. However, Orson puts the arrest behind him as he offers to help find the arsonist. Turns out he’d been on the cusp of catching the guy, but his arrest stopped him short.

Elsewhere, Renard is paid a visit from Sam Damerov.  Sam has news on Kelly Burkhart, but nothing  about baby Diana. Apparently she recently sold her truck in Washington, so Renard suggests tracking her by looking into new vehicle sales. It seems he’s very keen to track down his daughter, does he want to get to her before Adalind and Viktor? Or is he missing his baby?

At the trailer, Wu catches up on some reading and discovers a wesen that may be responsible for the arson; an Excandesco. This devil-like wesen can conjure fire, and to stop him the team need to find a way to stop him igniting… Of course, this means a visit to the Spice Shop.

Meanwhile Adalind is itching to get to Juliette, but Viktor warns her to be patient…but it doesn’t look like she’ll listen to his advice. The pair then get a visit from Sam Damerov too. It seems he’s a double agent of sorts, as he fills them in on the information he has uncovered for Renard.

Back at the Spice Shop, Orson and Rosalee work on an ointment to stop the Excandesco igniting. They seem to have a plan, and it looks like it’s come just in time for Nick. After tracking the arsonist down before he scorches his next victim, the team amusingly arm themselves with Super Soaker’s, filled with the ointment.

When they catch up with the fire crazy wesen, the team let loose with the water guns. Covered in the ointment he is unable to release his energy, and proceeds to implode…it’s all rather gruesome.

The episodes finale is pretty damn awesome! Adalind turns up at Juliette’s place, and is looking for trouble. After attempting to get Juliette to come with her, all hell breaks loose. Adalind thinks she has the upper hand when she woges into a Hexenbiest, but is startled to find she has met her match when Juliette woges too. The pair battle it out, but Adalind clearly underestimated Juliette as she runs screaming from the house. Go Juliette! Adalind has been asking for that for a long time, and it was very satisfying to see her ass kicked by the Hexenbiest in town.

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However, Nick turns up just after the fight, having heard Adalind was back in town. He was scared for Juliette, but it looks like he underestimated her too. Juliette take the opportunity to show Nick the side effects of helping him, and woges into her Hexen form. Nick recoils in horror…

Will he be able to deal with Juliette’s new powers? I certainly hope so given what she’s been through for him, but we’ll have to wait to find out.

What do you think Grimmsters. Will Nick accept Juliette now she’s a Hexenbiest? Is that the last the couple will see of Adalind? Let us know in the comments below…