Grimm Season 4 – Tribunal (Review)

We’re straight back into the action on this week’s ‘Grimm’… as Monroe’s life hangs in the balance.

The Wesenrein continue their tribunal and things look bleak for Monroe…

However, before the team can come up with a daring rescue, Wu needs to show he can handle a wogue. Hank and Wu have a one-to-one before Bud is called in to lend a hand. However, it seems Bud isn’t quite up for the task as he fails to wogue under pressure, then ‘prematurely’ wogues before Wu.

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As amusing as it is, Wu is still struggling with the concept. Still a little freaked out, he decides he’s okay with it all… but how will he handle things under pressure?

Meanwhile Rosalee and Juliette are desperately trying to find answers about Monroes kidnapping. Whilst brainstorming, Juliette subtly asks Rosalee about Hexenbiests. Rosalee confirms that Hexebiest which are made rather than born – such as Juliette – are even more deadly. What can this mean for Juliette? Could we have some real Hexentreats in store from an unwilling Juliette? Or will she embrace her new powers given Monroe’s unfortunate circumstances?

Back at the tribunal, they announce that Monroe is being tried for befriending a Grimm and marrying a Fuchsba. After  ‘purifying’ him with a sprinkling of blood, he is allowed to address the tribunal. In a very poignant speech, he claims;“what is right, is my love for my wife”. It’s horrifying to see him being persecuted for his marriage to Rosalee, they’re an adorable couple and their treatment seems, ironically, a crime against nature.

We see more of Bud as he is brought to the tribunal, tied up with a bag on his head. He is unknowingly being presented as a witness against Monroe, and as always puts his foot in it. However, he puts on a very heroic display, and we see a side of Bud we’ve know has been there all along. He proudly announces his allegiance with the Grimm and claims he only wishes he could help him now.

Back at the precinct, the team investigate the connection between Sgt. Acker and the Wesenrein and come up trumps. Using his sister as a negotiation tool, Nick is able to squeeze the information they need from him to find Monroe. Acker gives them the location in trade for his sister’s life, and the team are fired up and ready to go.

Remarkably, even Captain Renard is in on it. But there’s nothing in it for him!Could we be seeing the true Renard here? A team player, ready to go all out to help a friend? I certainly hope so, but equally I have some niggling doubts.

However, things get pretty epic, as the whole team (Wu too) prepare to take on the Wesenrein and free Monroe. Renard, Nick and Hank throw in their badge and Juliette pulls out her gun. They arrive at the park just in time to save both Bud and Monroe, then all hell breaks loose… and it’s absolutely awesome.

Monroe and Rosalee chase down the prosecutor… and while he certainly puts up a fight, Rosalee steps in at the last minute and takes him out. And she’s not the only one kicking ass, as Juliette finds herself pinned by a Wesenrein. Of course, she’s not the damsel in distress that she used to be, and when she wogues, she causes his head to explode. It looks as though those Hexen powers are coming in handy.

The Captain also uses his full wesen force, leaving Hank to look on in horror and remark “damn…”

The whole episode seems geared at showing the team at their full strength and fighting for one of their own. Renard seems to have come through as a team player, Wu is on side and Juliette is able to use her new super power. Things are looking good.

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However, the episode ends with Juliette turning up at Renards door…

She’s in tears, and when Renard presses her she wogues. But why has she turned to Renard? Is she scared of Nick now she’s wesen? Has she still got feelings for him hanging over from season 2? Either way, their relationship is brought into question once again. We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for the pair, but it doesn’t seem great.

What do you think Grimmsters. Will Nick be able to accept a Hexenbride? Is Renard really a team player now? Let us know in the comments below…