Grimm Season 4 – Wesenrein (Review)

Things are getting serious in this weeks ‘Grimm’ as the season takes a dark turn… but will Monroe be okay?

After a night in the cells, Nick and Hank show up to release Wu. The pair finally decide to give him the answers he’s been looking for, and head to Aunt Marie’s trailer. Nick wants to ‘show’ Wu the truth about the wesen world, offering him the Grimm books to look through. He explains that the creatures are all real, even the Aswang. Naturally Wu is angry that they kept it from him, especially after he came face-to-face with one and ended up sectioned!

Remarkably, Wu is still on side as he confirms, “I’m not going anywhere”.

Meanwhile Rosalee is frantic as she realises Monroe is missing. Nick receives a panicked call from her and heads straight over to investigate. Officer Acker, who we last saw stationed outside Monroe’s house wearing the infamous mask of the Wesenrein, comes stumbling out of the woods. Pleading ignorance, he says Monroes kidnappers hit him from behind. The team buy his story, but how long will it hold up?

We see Monroe tied up in the back of a van, with his kidnapper looking over and taunting him. He’s then dragged off to a run down warehouse, where he is shackled and beaten. Next to him is another prisoner, Terry, who is in a sorry state. Terry hands Monroe his wedding ring, asking him to give it to his wife before being carted off to meet his fate.

Monroe briefly manages an escape, but as he speeds into the forest he discovers what happened to his new friend…and it was enough to knock the stuffing out of him. The Wesenrein catch up with Monroe, and he’s taken back to the warehouse. Does this mean he’ll be facing the same twisted justice as Terry?

Back at the precinct, Nick, Hank and Renard formulate a plan to find out who has taken Monroe. Consulting Trubels list of Wesenrein, they decide to bring Shaw in for questioning. Unable to get him to talk, Nick gets heavy handed causing Shaw to wogue. He freaks out when he realises Nick is a Grimm again, but still wont spill. The team release him, but it’s to his doom as the Wesenrein Grand Master is waiting for him…

Juliette is struggling to make sense of what is happening to her, but has to set her Hexen problems aside to help her friend. Understandably, Rosalee turns up beside herself. Still crying, she claims “I can’t even breath”. This is no surprise, since the couple have been inseparable since they first met back in season one. They are always a joy to watch, and I’ve really warmed to them as the seasons have progressed. Which makes it truly heartbreaking watching Rosalee fall apart.

It looks like there may be a chance the couple will be reunited, as Renard meets with Sam Damerov. Damerov appears to be some sort of mercenary when Renard tells him he wants anyone connected to Wesenrein. The Captain gives him permission to be ‘very persuasive’…and it looks as though he’s a persuasive kind of guy when he wogues into a Skalenzahne.

But can he get the information they need?

Over in Vienna, Viktor tells Adalind that they’re heading back to Portland. She never wants to set foot in her home town again, but when he explains that he thinks it’ll get her baby back she comes round to the idea. Could we see a face off with Adalind and Juliette soon? I hope so, there’s a lot of unfinished business between the them. After all, Adalind did sleep with her man. Now that Juliette appears to be turning into a Hexenbiest, it looks like it’ll be one heck of a showdown.

In an otherwise dark episode, Sgt. Wu offers some light relief with his usual brand of quirky humour.

When he has a one-to-one with the Captain about all things wesen, Wu looks at him and begins to ask if he is one of them. Renard quickly cuts him off claiming, “you don’t want to go there”, to which he replies; “Nope, I don’t want to go there”. It’s great to see Wu back on form and working with the gang again, the dynamics are great and he never fails to make me chuckle.

The episode ends on a rather sinister note, with Monroe being dragged to a clearing in the woods. The Wesenrien tribunal have already assembled and it looks like their ready to decide his fate. We’ll have to wait to see what’s in store for Monroe, but things are looking pretty serious…

What do you think Grimmsters, has Monroe met his match? Will Nick and the team be able to save him? Let us know what you think in the comments below…