The Handmaid’s Tale Director May Make A Star Wars Movie

Reed Morano may make a Star Wars movie (Credit: Panavision)

Will Reed Morano make a Star Wars movie?

It sounds as though she may already be heading to the galaxy far, far away…

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 40-year-old filmmaker revealed that she’s already had a lengthy meeting with Star Wars boss, Kathleen Kennedy.

“[Kathleen Kennedy is] amazing,” she said. “We’re talking about adventure movies, and I’m not even remembering that she produced Goonies. Any movie that I put my finger on that I loved when I was growing up was a movie that she produced.”

“Anyway, it was a great meeting,” she added. “Obviously, I can’t say anything about what else we were talking about.”

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Morano explains that her meeting with Kennedy lasted two-and-a-half hours – not exactly popping in for a quick chat in passing. But if Morano does end up taking on a Star Wars film, this could be exactly what the franchise needs.

For one thing, she’s a great female director known for The Handmaid’s Tale.

But she’s also far more than that.

Reed Morano is no stranger to the big screen, having directed her debut film Meadowland in 2015. She then followed it up with halt and Catch Fire in 2016, then Billions in 2017. But she has also served as cinematographer for the likes of Frozen River, and Kill Your Darlings.

Quite an impressive track record.

As for which Star Wars property she could take on, I would hate to pigeonhole her just for being a female director… but a Princess Leia solo movie could be just what the franchise needs.

After all, with the saga shifting towards a strong female Jedi, perhaps it’s time we looked back to the incredible female leader Star Wars has always had.

And Reed Morano might just be the perfect director for that.

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