Grimm Season 4 – Wesenrein (Review)

Things are getting serious in this weeks Grimm as the season takes a dark turn… but will Monroe be okay?

Competition: Cardiff Comic Con Blu-Ray Giveaway (ENDED)

It’s Cardiff Film and Comic Con, and we’re celebrating by giving away these awesome Animé, Sci-Fi, and Horror releases on Blu-ray and DVD.

Sharknado 3 Gets An Appropriate Title

The latest Sharknado film has finally been given an official title – Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! And it heads our way on 22 July 2015.

Melissa McCarthy ‘Excited’ About Ghostbusters

Melissa McCarthy can’t wait to get stuck into the new Ghostbusters reboot… as she reveals how excited she is about the film.

Grimm Season 4 – Chupacabra (Review)

Things are getting really exciting in Portland on this week’s Grimm, as Monore finds himself pursued by a group of fanatical wesen.

Jack Huston Confirmed For The Crow

It looks as though Jack Huston will star as Eric Draven in the upcoming reboot of The Crow.

Sam Strike In Talks For Leatherface

After rumours that Sam Strike had landed a role in a big Hollywood movie, it looks as though he may be in talks for Leatherface.

Male-Led Ghostbusters Movie In The Works

A male Ghostbusters movie is reportedly in the works… but will it really be any good?

Grimm Season 4 – The Grimm Who Stole Christmas (Review)

This week’s Grimm sees the team tackle three little Grinches causing havoc around a festive Portland.

Grimm Season 4 – Highway of Tears (Review)

Nick is about to get his powers back in this week’s episode of Grimm as a determined Juliette agrees to take the potion… and it’s about time!