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Iron Fist May Get A Costume In The Defenders (EXCLUSIVE)

Iron Fist May Get A Costume In The Defenders (EXCLUSIVE)

Marvel’s Iron Fist doesn’t feature his green and yellow suit.

But it looks as though he may eventually get his own costume.

During an interview at the JW Marriott in New York, I met with Iron Fist star Finn Jones, who teased that Danny may eventually get a costume… but he has to earn the right to wear it.

“Danny has to earn the right to have that costume,” he explained. “I don’t think it would be correct for Danny to have the costume straight away because he’s not in that frame of mind. He’s not a superhero yet. Throughout the whole of Iron Fist and even The Defenders, he doesn’t think of himself as a superhero.”

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And the definitely makes sense.

Throughout Iron Fist, you can see Danny struggling with his responsibilities as the Iron Fist. Sure, he’s the immortal weapon and defender of K’un-Lun… but he turned his back on that responsibility when he ran away from the heavenly city.

Especially in the later episodes, his clashes with Davos really illustrate this.

Yes, he has the power of the Iron Fist… but I’m not sure he believes he deserves it.

Marvel's Iron Fist - Credit: Netflix

“Danny is on a journey of self-discovery,” added Jones. “He’s really trying to work out what the fuck he is doing. He is a child who is suffering from an immense trauma, and he needs to figure out a lot of stuff in his own character and settle a lot of inner issues before he can even attempt to hold that responsibility and wear that costume… He has to iron out a lot of flaws before he can get there.”

But what exactly is ‘that’ costume?

It’s definitely not the one from the comic books…

“Come on, that would look ridiculous,” he laughed. “I mean, I love that costume and it’s amazing, and it’s iconic. But let’s get real. Come on. Have you seen the other shows? Could you imagine Danny just walking up and being like ‘Hi guys,’ [Flicks collar up] ‘What’s up?’”

Of course, we already saw the original Iron Fist costume crop up on the show, when season villain Bakuto shows Danny some black and white footage of an earlier Iron Fist, fighting in the mountain pass to K’un-Lun.

A glimpse of classic Iron Fist - Credit: Netflix

It’s unlikely that we’ll even get a variation on this costume.

But either way, Danny will be getting a costume of some description.

And it sounds as though we might see him suiting up in his new suit by the end of Marvel’s upcoming show, The Defenders.

“I will say this – by the end of The Defenders, Danny definitely has become the Iron Fist,” he explained. “It’s a long road to get there, but I think that makes for a really nuanced journey and understanding of the complexities of the character. By the end of Iron Fist, you know… you will get what you want in some form. Don’t worry.”

A more modern take on his classic look? - Credit: Netflix

Marvel’s Iron Fist stars Finn Jones as the titular hero, alongside Jessica Henwick, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, David Wenham, Rosario Dawson, Wai Ching Ho, and Sacha Dhawan.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season One is available on Netflix now.

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What do you think of Marvel’s Iron Fist? Do you think he should get his own costume? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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