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Josh Brolin Joins Deadpool 2 As Cable

Josh Brolin Joins Deadpool 2 As Cable

It’s official – Josh Brolin is Cable in Deadpool 2.

It’s the most hotly-contested role in Hollywood right now – everyone wants to buddy up with Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Deadppol sequel. But it seems they’ve found their man.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 49-year-old Josh Brolin has landed the coveted role of Cable in Deadpool 2. And it already feels like an excellent choice.

“Josh Brolin has nabbed the hotly contested role of Cable opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2,” they revealed. “Sources say Brolin’s deal is for four films.”

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It’s certainly quite the catch for Brolin, who’s no stranger to comic book movies.

Josh Brolin is perhaps best known for No Country For Old Men along with his breakout role in The Goonies… but in recent years, he’s made the leap to comic book movies. He starred in the ill-fated Jonah Hex movie, Sin City 2, and most recently took a villainous role as Thanos in Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy films.

But now he’s getting another shot at being the good guy.

Relatively speaking.

Nathan Summers aka Cable - Credit: Marvel

And he was up against some fierce competition.

“The production has been on the warpath to find the right actor for the role for months, with Michael Shannon almost nabbing the role and Stranger Things star David Harbour on the shortlist. (There were even rumors of conversations with Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt.)”

“In the end, Brolin emerged as a surprise contender, notching his second Marvel Comics character in the process.”

But will he make a good Cable?

He’s been at the top of my personal fan casting list for a long time. After all, he’s shown time and time again that he has the stoic acting chops to pull off a role like this… But considering his Marvel role, I honestly didn’t think he’d even be up for the role.

As for the character’s final look… we’ll have to wait and see.

Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, and Zazie Beetz.

David Leitch will direct the movie based on a script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Deadpool 2 heads to cinemas in 2018.

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What do you think of Josh Brolin as Cable? Could he be the perfect choice for Deadpool 2? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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