Michael Keaton’s Batman 3 Costume Unveiled?

Although Tim Burton failed to return for ‘Batman 3’ it looks as though he may have been working on an all-new Batsuit… and it looked pretty awesome.

According to the folks at Brotherhood of Bat, some new behind-the-scenes images have been revealed from Tim Burton’s Batman days… and it looks as though he was working on an all-new, previously unseen Batsuit.

But could this be for the cancelled ‘Batman 3’?

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It’s no secret that Warner Bros. weren’t too pleased with ‘Batman Returns’. And although the movie did rather well at the box office, they were keen to distance themselves from Burton’s darker Batman – instead opting for a mainstream action film by hiring Joel Schumacher. But this new image supposedly reveals Burton’s Batsuit for the cancelled third instalment.

Keaton Batsuit

Although uncovered by a third party, these images come straight from the sculptor José Fernandez, who worked with Burton on ‘Batman Returns’ and apparently sculpted a number of versions of the concept for this new suit.

“The two versions on the left look a little too stylized with the faux abs, and they definitely all push the ‘suit of armor’ concept a lot further,” said io9. “But they’re not as over-the-top as what we eventually got in ‘Batman Forever’.”

Although the sculpts look as though they favour a more comic-book-centric colour scheme, it’s assumed that this is merely the result of the artist’s sculpting materials… and would have ended up being painted black for the final movie.

Keaton Batsuit

But while we’ve not seen this cool Batsuit before, that doesn’t mean it was from Burton’s cancelled Bat-movie…

In fact, the sculptor himself has used these images on his website… and lists them alongside other work he carried out for ‘Batman Returns’. But Tim Burton may have decided to use this cool, new Batsuit as an evolved version of Keaton’s earlier suit. And may even have decided to save it for subsequent films.

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Sadly, this rather awesome Batsuit never made it to the big screen… and instead, we were subjected to the increasingly-nippled versions in the films that followed. But at least we have these cool new images to fawn over, as well as the hope that Ben Affleck’s Batsuit will really make its mark.

What do you think of this cool, never-before-seen Batsuit? Would you have liked to see Michael Keaton return for one more Batfilm? Let us know in the comments below…

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