Minority Report TV Show Cast Revealed

The upcoming ‘Minority Report’ TV series has finally confirmed its cast… and we’re going to see the return of a familiar face.

According the The Hollywood Reporter, the ‘Minority Report’ TV show will be led by none other than Stark Sands… as both of the twins from the original movie.

“Fox’s Minority Report has found its leading man,” they reveal. “Inside Llewyn Davis [star] Stark Sands (a two-time Tony nominee) has been tapped to star in the network’s sequel.”

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“Sands will play the dual role of identical twin brothers Dash and Arthur, who both possess the unique ability to see into the future, specifically murders before they happen.”

Of course, we were already expecting some of the precogs to return… after all, the ‘Minority Report’ TV show is set 10 years after the fall of pre-crime. And with the precogs settling into their lives away from the department, it’s about time we caught up with them.

But Dash and Arthur aren’t the only ones to return…

“Atlas Shrugged star Laura Regan is joining Fox’s drama pilot Minority Report,” revealed Deadline. “Regan will play Agatha, the deeply compassionate foster sister of identical twins Dash and Arthur. Like her brothers, she possesses the ability to see into the future, but with more clarity than they can.”

And that’s not all… according to THR it looks as though Wally the Caretaker will also make a return.

“Sands joins a cast that also includes Daniel London, who reprises his role as Wally the Caretaker, alongside Li Jun Li.”

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Although much of the original cast has been replaced, it’s nice to see the return of Wally. And with the precogs back in force, it looks as though ‘Minority Report’ will give us a closer look at what happened to them after the fall of precrime.

Will they really be able to cope with their visions? Can they find an outlet for their powers? And most importantly, will we get a cameo from Tom Cruise?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Are you looking forward to the ‘Minority Report’ TV show? Who would you like to see return? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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