Duncan Jones’ Mute Coming Next Month

The upcoming original sci-fi movie by Moon director Duncan Jones is coming to Netflix next month.

Netflix Officially Announces Bright Sequel

Netflix’s Bright is getting a sequel… and this is great news for original movies.

Bright (Review)

Netflix’s Bright is a far better movie than it first seems… and it’s actually rather good.

Will Smith’s Bright Gets A Sequel Thanks To Netflix

Will Smith’s Bright just got a sequel… but will Netflix come to regret it?

Bright Goes Full Buddy-Cop With New Clip

Netflix’s Bright looks like an absurd mash-up between Fantasy and Buddy Cop. But will it work?

The Punisher Season Two Confirmed

Jon Bernthal will be back in Season Two of The Punisher.

Stranger Things Season 3 Won’t Be Back Until 2019

Stranger Things is taking a bit of a break… And it won’t be back until 2019. During an interview with… [Read More]

Daredevil Season Three Films Later This Year

Daredevil Season Three is coming soon… and it looks as though it starts filming later this year.

The Defenders Release Date Revealed

The Defenders will be teaming up a lot sooner than we thought… heading to Netflix on 18 August 2017.

Iron Fist May Get A Costume In The Defenders (EXCLUSIVE)

Iron Fist doesn’t get his comic book costume in Season One… but he could get it sooner than we thought. Iron Fist star Finn Jones hints we may see it by the end of The Defenders.