New Cloverfield Movie Gets Pushed Back To April 2018

Cloverfield (Credit: Paramount)

Remember that upcoming Cloverfield sequel?

Well, it won’t be heading to cinemas until April 2018.

According to /Film the currently untitled Cloverfield movie (previously known as God Particle) has been pushed back to April 2018. And it’s not the first time it’s been bumped.

“Paramount has confirmed to us that the Untitled Cloverfield Movie will find its way to theaters on April 20, 2018,” they revealed. Of course, this will be the US release date, and details of the UK release remain unknown at this time.

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But it seems to have been a very last-minute decision.

“The decision to move the movie’s release yet again was made very recently, likely during the holidays. Right up until before the holiday season commenced, Paramount was still listing the film for its February 2, 2018, release date.”

And according to Fandango editor Erik Davis, the film was still set for its 20 February release date just before Christmas.

“In case you were wondering (because I was), that UNTITLED CLOVERFIELD MOVIE is still opening on February 2,” he said via Twitter. “This info is as of 12/19, but it’s still not officially being called GOD PARTICLE, so… new title?”

The film marks the directorial debut of Julius Onah, and with a stellar cast including Daniel Bruhl, David Oyelowo and Elizabeth Debicki, it feels as though this is going to be something a bit special.

For one thing, the Cloverfield movies always pop up with an air of mystery around them.

And that’s something you rarely get in cinema these days.

The Untitled Cloverfield Movie follows the story of a group of astronauts aboard an international space station who find themselves completely alone in the universe after a scientific experiment involving a particle accelerator makes the entire Earth completely vanish.

How will this fit into the larger Cloverfield mythos?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see… and the wait just got a little longer.

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Untitled Cloverfield Movie stars Daniel Bruhl, Elizabeth Debicki, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Chris O’Dowd, David Oyelowo, John Ortiz and Ziyi Zhang.

Julius Onah directed the film, based on a script by Doug Jung and Oren Uziel.

Untitled Cloverfield Movie heads to cinemas on 20 April 2018.

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