New X-Files Series Sees Walter Skinner Return

It looks as though FBI assistant-director Walter Skinner will be back in the new ‘X-Files’ series… as Mitch Pileggi confirms his return.

Appearing on Twitter, the 63-year-old original ‘X-Files’ actor revealed that he will reprise the role of Walter Skinner in the upcoming series.

“Very happy to announce that Walter Skinner will once again be getting all grumpy and bitchy with his two wayward kids,” he said. “Very happy.”

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Of course, Mitch Pileggi was one of the original cast members of ‘The X-Files’ when it debuted in 1993. Cast as FBI assistant-director Walter Skinner, he was originally unfriendly when it came to Mulder and Scully… even thought he was the duo’s direct supervisor.

But as the series went on, Skinner came to respect and appreciate Mulder’s point of view – even going so far as to witness an Alien spacecraft himself.

Originally appearing in a small cameo role, Pileggi’s involvement in ‘The X-Files’ became more and more prevalent… until he eventually became a much-loved series regular by series three.

But who else will join the cast of the new mini-series?

Appearing in the final episode, Skinner aids Mulder’s defence when he’s arrested for the murder of a military officer… and Skinner appears once more in the recent movie, ‘X-Files: I Want To Believe’. But the fate of fellow agents Doggett and Reyes remain uncertain.

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After helping out Mulder and Scully in the series finale, they divert the black helicopters away from the feeling agents… and after the X-Files division is officially closed following the incident, it’s likely that they remain as regular FBI agents.

Could either of them show up in the new mini-series?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see. But with Walter Skinner returning, I can’t help thinking it would be a great move to get the whole gang back together.

Are you excited to see Walter Skinner return? Could Doggett and Reyes join him? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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