Parents Swarm Poundworld For Frozen Merchandise

There’s still over 5 weeks until Christmas, but that hasn’t stopped some eager parents from swamping Poundworld for their latest ‘Frozen’ merchandise.

Dozens of people pushed and shoved to buy the latest line of ‘Frozen’ goodies for their kids. In fact, the Nottingham shop had just stocked up their new products for the Disney animation when the panic ensued.

Their entire supply of merch — ranging from pens, to books, to drinking cups — was cleared out within ten minutes, much to the surprise of staff. There was even a film crew there to record the mad rush, as some shoppers passed ‘Frozen’ pieces over their shoulders to those who couldn’t move for the crush (which was mightily civil of them).

Frozen Riot

Only last week was there an incident involving two women fighting over ‘Frozen’ products in a Poundland store in Wales.

Both occasions must’ve resembled a scene from ‘Jingle All The Way’, but this time there was no comically fumbling Arnold Schwarzenegger to battle through the crowds — this was the reality Disney’s CG musical had driven many desperate mums and dads to.

Is this what we can expect to see this Christmas — grown adults fighting over ‘Frozen’ pencils? It seems that the Oscar-winning Disney movie is still at the top of many children’s wishlist, with several retailers, including some Disney stores, having sold out of Elsa dolls last year and well into 2014.

Many have predicted that sales of the soundtrack and film will boom this Christmas, and if these scenes are anything to go by, then ‘Frozen’ isn’t about to go away any time soon.

Can you see a ‘Jingle All The Way’-style Christmas panic? Or is it finally time to just let it go? (Sorry.)

Mike Williams

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