Simon Pegg Will Write Star Trek 3

It looks as though ‘Star Trek 3’ has beamed up a new writer… and it’s none other than ‘Star Trek’ star, Simon Pegg.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the British ‘Star Trek’ actor will return for the upcoming sequel… and he’ll also be writing it.

“Simon Pegg has been set to co-write Star Trek 3, the film that just got Fast & Furious director Justin Lin aboard after Roberto Orci exited the helmer chair,” they revealed. “He will co-write the script with Doug Jung, creator of the TNT series Dark Blue.”

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But what about Roberto Orci’s earlier script?

It’s been widely speculated that Roberto Orci submitted a first draft… and that Paramount weren’t exactly happy with it. It’s this draft that some suggest led to Roberto Orci’s departure as director of the film. And now it looks as though it may have gotten him replaced when it comes to scriptwriting duties, too.

Of course, Simon Pegg is in a rather unique position to take over.

Having starred in ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ as the iconic character, Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott, he’s become one of the faces of the franchise. And after writing the Cornetto Trilogy with friend and writer Edgar Wright, he certainly knows his way around a script.

But does that make him the right man to take over ‘Star Trek 3’?

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He’s certainly a fan of the franchise – much in the way that Roberto Orci is also a lifelong fan. And with a well-known love of all things sci-fi, it’s easy to see Pegg flexing his geek credentials.

And with Roberto Orci looking as though he’s been dragged off to sickbay, perhaps it’s the right time to give Pegg a chance.

It’s certainly every young geek’s dream come true… so let’s just hope he does a stellar job. And don’t be surprised if Scotty suddenly has a lot more action sequences this time around.

‘Star Trek 3’ heads to cinemas on 8 July 2016.

Are you looking forward to ‘Star Trek 3’? Do you think Simon Pegg is the right person to take over? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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