Star Wars Spin-Off Casts Tatiana Maslany? (EXCLUSIVE)

The first ‘Star Wars’ spin-off film may have landed its leading star… as I hear that ‘Orphan Black’ actress Tatiana Maslany has landed the role.

The 29-year-old Canadian actress was recently rumoured to be up for a part in the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ spinoff film, directed by Gareth Edwards. And while she was one of several new actresses linked to the role, it looks as though Maslany may have landed the part.

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According to a source close to production, the still unknown ‘Star Wars’ spin-off has landed Tatiana Maslany as its leading lady.

Of course, she was recently linked to the galaxy far, far away when her name emerged amongst the likes of Rooney Mara and Felicity Jones who had apparently auditioned for the part. But I was soon contacted by a trusted source, who revealed that Maslany was apparently the front-runner for the role.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any details on what that role might be… except that (as earlier reports suggested) it is apparently the leading role. But I later heard from my source again, explaining that they’d heard that Maslany had landed the role.

Although they were unable to verify it themselves, they heard that Maslany had impressed Disney and Lucasfilm early on, and had been offered the leading role. Although this has not been verified, a new article over at Entertainment Weekly certainly adds fuel to the fire.

“Amanda Seyfried will make her Off-Broadway acting debut opposite Thomas Sadoski in Neil LaBute’s newest drama, The Way We Get By. She replaces Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, who withdrew from the previously-announced production due to film scheduling conflicts.”

Of course, there’s no mention of the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ spin-off… but with what I’ve been told, it seems fairly easy to fill in the blanks. If you ask me, Maslany has landed the ‘Star Wars’ role, forcing her to pull out of her earlier Off-Broadway commitment.

After all, ‘The Way We Get By’ debuts on 28 April 2015… and if the ‘Star Wars’ spin-off is going to meet its 2016 release date, it’s likely that we’ll se production ramp up in the coming months.

But I have to stress – none of this is 100% confirmed… so for now, it’s purely a rumour.

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What does this mean for the galaxy far, far away?

For now, we’re not really sure. Details about the first ‘Star Wars’ spin-off are rather limited. And while we know that it’s recently gained a new writer in the form of Chris Weitz, nothing is known about the actual plot of the film.

Will Tatiana Maslany make a great ‘Star Wars’ heroine? For now, we’ll have to wait and see. But I certainly hope this rumour turns out to be true.

The first ‘Star Wars’ spin-off heads to cinemas on 16 December 2016.

Do you think Tatiana Maslany can carry a ‘Star Wars’ spin-off? Who do you think she’ll play? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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