Star Wars VII Chrome Trooper Revealed?

Star Wars 7 will reportedly feature chrome troopers.

After rumours of a new kind of Stormtrooper in Star Wars VII it looks as though leaked images from the set might reveal their shiny new look

Ever since the upcoming Star Wars sequels were first announce, we’ve been wondering – just what will our favourite expendable Imperials look like in the new movies? There’s been plenty of speculation about a new, sleek design… and even a handful of supposedly leaked images. But with rumours of a new kind of trooper, it looks as though some snaps of their armour have fallen into Bothan hands…

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“For months, there have been reports of chromed stormtroopers in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII,” said the folks at Indie Revolver. “But those closest to the production have been extremely tight-lipped in regards to this new variant.”

Nevertheless, it seems they managed to get their hands on some sensational new images… and I have to admit, that chromed stormtrooper helmet sends shivers down my spine.

Star Wars VII Chrome Trooper?

(Note: The hooded robe is not part of the costume and was likely used to obscure the helmet from view)

“I’d been worried that the chrome armor was going to be a clear gimmick,” they explain. “But as it turns out this is the most imposing of the new stormtrooper designs we’ve seen.”

I have to admit, I rather agree. I’d also been concerned about the growing rumours of a chrome stormtrooper. After all, these are tools of the republic – a militaristic, utilitarian force. And I wasn’t entirely sure they could pull off so much bling.

But after seeing our first glimpse of this new design, it’s rather won me over. Especially when you read what they have to say about the armour’s origins…

 Chrome Trooper Concept Art?

“A couple sources have expressed that the chrome troopers are a private security force for Adam Driver’s character – silver mercenary rent-a-cops rather than true Imperial Forces for Adam Driver… the most abundant rumor about Driver is that he’s a wealthy aristocrat with an interest in Sith artifacts.”

Of course, this is just a rumour… at least, for now. But with some concept art of a second, rather tattered chrome helmet doing the rounds, it seems they might be onto something.

And I have a bit of a theory…

I can’t help thinking of Ralph McQuarrie’s early Stormtrooper concept art when I see any of these newly-leaked images… and for those who’ve never seen it, that’s the image at the very top of this article. The helmets are very much like the recently-leaked white helmets. And the chrome-looking shields? Perhaps that’s the inspiration for the chrome armour.

But perhaps it goes further than that.

McQuarrie’s concept art depicts Stormtroopers carrying lightsabers – a weapon which it seems was not originally restricted to Force users. And with the introduction of the all-new Inquisitor in ;Star Wars Rebels’ it looks as though there are lightsaber users who aren’t Sith.

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Could this mean a new kind of sabre-wielding Trooper? For now, we’ll have to wait and see. But the potential protection against lightsaber attacks makes the chromed armour a lot more credible.

Now, there’s no guaranteeing that these leaked images are 100% authentic… and much like the rest of the recent leaked photos, they’re unlikely to be verified any time soon. Still, if they are real, it’s an interesting new direction for the Stormtroopers we know and love.

Let’s just hope their aim has improved as much as their armour.

What do you think of the chrome Stormtroopers? Are they a bygone relic or will we see them on screen? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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