Steven Spielberg Sets His Sights On Indiana Jones 5

Steven Spielberg may next work on Indiana Jones 5 (Credit: Paramount)

Indiana Jones 5 might be Steven Spielberg’s next movie.

And he’s following that with… West Side Story?

According to Deadline, the legendary director is currently weighing up his options following Ready Player One… and is considering pushing ahead with Indiana Jones 5.

“Hot off directing back to back pictures in the Oscar contender The Post and the upcoming Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg is now figuring out his next two directorial vehicles,” they revealed. “There are several percolating, but sources say he is eyeing Indiana Jones, and then would either precede or follow quickly with another pic. I’m hearing that one might be his dream project, a new version of West Side Story.”

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Apparently, Spielberg still has his eye on Chris Pratt to star in the new Indiana Jones movie, alongside Harrison Ford… and that might just be a stroke of genius.

“The prospect of Spielberg relaunching the franchise he hatched with pal George Lucas makes Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm seem even more brilliant in hindsight. That franchise moved from Paramount and came with all the Star Wars stuff. David Koepp wrote the Indy script. Disney dated it for 2020.”

But even more intriguing is Spielberg’s West Side Story…

According to Deadline, it’s been a dream project of Spielberg’s for a long time, with the filmmaker interested in bringing his own version to the big screen. And it’s no mere flight of fancy, either – frequent collaborator Tony Kushner has been working on a script.

Which will come first?

That remains unclear… after all, Spielberg is well known for moving quickly from one project to the next, and it likely depends on how quickly all the pieces fall into place for either picture.

“Sources said that Spielberg could fall for another script – if you got a good one, now’s the time to send it – and could possibly do a film before Indy if one hits him like a lightning bolt.”

But the thought that Indiana Jones 5 is on its way is encouraging.

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