Welsh Senedd Refuses James Bond Filming

It looks as though a group of Welsh politicians may have succeeded where Blofeld failed – putting a stop to James Bond after rejecting a request to film at the Senedd in Cardiff.

The upcoming Bond movie, ‘SPECTRE’, has already begun to film in some impressive locations, including Rome and the Austrian Alps. And it looks as though they want to add Cardiff to that list, with a request filed to shoot at the National Assembly building, in the Senedd Chamber.

But unfortunately, Welsh officials were neither shaken, nor stirred…

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After the receiving the rather shocking request, it looks as though Welsh government officials weren’t impressed with Bond’s credentials. So while he may have a license to kill, he doesn’t have approval to film at the National Assembly.

“The Senedd’s Siambr is the home of Welsh democracy and seat of government for Wales,” read an official statement. “Some media activity is allowed in the Siambr when it relates to the work of the assembly or reflects the Siambr’s status as the focal point of Welsh civic life.”

But it looks as though they weren’t impressed with the request to film a Bond movie within its walls.

“It is not a drama studio,” it added. “Decisions on requests from the creative industries to use the assembly’s estate are made on a case by case basis, and we are proud to have collaborated with many television and film companies on drama productions such as Sherlock and Doctor Who.”

“The request by James Bond to use the Siambr was turned down and they were offered alternative locations on the estate which they subsequently declined.”

Of course, the decision has already been met with much criticism – after all, an appearance within the latest ‘Bond’ movie would be quite an achievement… and would elevate Cardiff when it comes to the city’s global reputation.

And let’s not forget – there are plenty of fans who would want to visit the locations they’ve seen on the big screen.

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But for now, it looks as though the Senedd Siambr is off limits.

“TV and film related tourism is a major industry, bringing fans of Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who to Welsh locations and it’s a shame that Spectre won’t be added to that list,” said Welsh Conservative leader, Andrew RT Davies. “While I understand the principles behind the decision, perhaps the Assembly should consider never saying never again.”

What do you think of the decision to refuse ‘SPECTRE’ filming? Would you like to see Bond in Wales? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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