Avengers / X-Men Crossover Still Years Away

Sorry Marvel fans – an Avengers / X-Men crossover won;t happen for a long while yet.

Hugh Jackman Considering Wolverine Return

Hugh Jackman might not be done with Wolverine after all…

X-Men’s Gambit Loses Another Director

It looks as though Gore Verbinski has quit the upcoming Gambit solo movie.

Kitty Pryde Getting Her Own X-Men Spin-Off

It looks as though Kitty Pryde may be getting her own X-Men solo movie… but will Ellen Page be back?

Disney and Fox Confirm Deal Which Includes X-Men and Avatar

The Disney / Fox deal could mean the X-Men and Avengers teaming up together… but it raises plenty more possibilities.

Hugh Jackman Really Won’t Be Back As Wolverine

Hugh Jackman confirms he’s done with Wolverine… And not even a Fox/Marvel deal would convince him otherwise. It’s no secret… [Read More]

X-Men: The New Mutants Gearing Up

X-Men spin-off, The New Mutants is gearing up at Fox as it enters pre-production.

Logan Gives Hugh Jackman A Bloody Good Send-Off (Review)

Logan gives Hugh Jackman the perfect send off as Wolverine gets his claws out for the last time.

Ryan Reynolds Returning For Deadpool 2?

It looks as though Ryan Reynolds has already signed up for a ‘Deadpool’ sequel.

New X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer Brings The Destruction

It’s official – the latest ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ trailer is here. It looks as though our favourite X-Men are facing their… [Read More]